Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

 Warden Hill Infant School

Our Curriculum Vision

At Warden Hill Infant School, we feel privileged to be involved right at the start of your children’s learning journey. We have designed our exciting and engaging curriculum which will inspire children to develop a desire for knowledge and understanding and a love of learning. We firmly believe the driving force behind the delivery of an interesting, creative curriculum is a clear focus on delivering excellent teaching and learning which ensures children engage in a range of learning experiences which are challenging, real life and meaningful. This enriches the education experiences of all children in our school to ensure that they become lifelong learners.

We recognise that our children need to develop communication, reasoning and creative skills. They need to solve problems and become collaborative, independent, curious and reflective learners.

We are proud at Warden Hill Infant School to have a curriculum which stimulates our children into asking probing questions, shapes their learning and allows them to develop into independent critical thinkers and learners. We realise the importance of every minute of every day that they spend with us, and fill it with experiences that encourage children to ‘think outside the box’ in their creativity and innovation.

Additionally, our curriculum aims to be flexible, responding to the children’s interests and the world around them to ensure that learning is meaningful and relevant, whilst ensuring there is coverage and progression of key skills. Warden Hill Infant School’s curriculum has been developed with regard for the needs of our learners’ language, social and emotional development.


We know that children need a mixture of knowledge and skills to be independent in their learning and achieve this through different styles of learning. We therefore offer opportunities to be imaginative, explore the environment and ask questions to shape their learning. As well as discrete lessons in areas such as maths, phonics and spelling we offer cross curricular    opportunities where children can apply the basic skills. Emphasis is placed on acquiring, developing and applying core skills in reading, writing, communication and mathematics.

We are proud at Warden Hill Infant School that our curriculum is entwined with and enriches the National Curriculum. Although at the centre of what is taught, the National Curriculum is a framework and only part of our curriculum offer to learners. The hidden curriculum is what children learn from each other and the adults in school though observation and imitation of all actions and conversations, hence, the need for high professional standards at all times. This also makes modelling of learning a powerful teaching tool alongside modelling how to take risks in learning and how to cope when things don’t go to plan. Our curriculum combines all of the above with the extended offer of before and after-school clubs.

Our school provides a safe, secure environment where we actively teach and promote attitudes to learning such as resilience and willingness to learn. Our spiritual, moral, social and cultural education ensures we help children to explore their feelings and beliefs and to respect and celebrate diversity. We ensure we promote British Values and support children to appreciate the uniqueness and successes of all as encapsulated in our motto ‘Learning Together, Growing Together’. Our ‘Be Kind and Try your Best,’ rules can be felt in everything we do.

The curriculum opportunities for our children have been designed to give them the best start on their lifelong learning journey.

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