Early Years Foundation Stage at Warden Hill Infant School

We believe that ‘play is the children’s work’ (Susan Isaac) and that young children learn the most effectively through the medium of play.


At Warden Hill Infant School, we believe that to prepare our children for the future we need to teach the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum alongside our Hives of Creative Learning. This gives children an opportunity to experience and develop key learning behaviours, life skills and attitudes. Our curriculum has been developed by staff, personalised by the children and is flexible according to need.


Learning is delivered by ‘WOW’ experiences to hook learning and questions to carry the learning through it’s journey. Our enriched curriculum and quality teaching enable children to apply their skills and develop their knowledge within a relevant context and ensure they are well prepared for the next stage of their learning. All learning ends with a project based learning outcome that we share with our families and wider environment around the school.


We encourage parents to participate in their child’s learning through various initiatives throughout their time in Reception. We welcome visitors to further the children’s knowledge of other cultures or religions and external trips ensure children have the opportunity to apply the Hives of Creative Learning outside the classroom whilst developing cultural capital.


Our Reception classes provide a stimulating learning environment, which encourages learning through play in the inside and outside environment. We plan learning opportunities through adult led activities and adult engagement opportunities in the following areas:

Characteristics of Learning Prime Areas Specific Areas
Playing and exploring-engagement

·         Finding and exploring

·         Playing with what they know

·         Being willing to’ have a go’


Active learning-motivation

·         Being involved and concentrating

·         Keep trying

·         Enjoying achieving what they set out to do


Creating and thinking critically-thinking

·         Having their own ideas

·         Making links

·         Choosing ways to do things


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

·         Making relationships

·         Self-confidence and self-awareness

·         Managing feelings and   behaviour


Physical Development

·         Moving and handling

·         Health and self-care


Communication and Language

·         Listening and attention

·         Understanding

·         Speaking





·         Reading

·         Writing



·         Numbers

·         Shape, space and           measures


Understanding of the world

·         People and communities

·         The world

·         Technology


Expressive Arts and Design

·         Exploring and using media

·         Being imaginative


Warden Hill Infant School is committed to encourage children and adults of every religion, social class, disability and race to achieve their full potential. We are aware of the importance of introducing an awareness of diversity and anti-discriminatory practice in the early years’ curriculum. We celebrate all cultures and religions and discuss their similarities and differences and the importance of respecting others. We provide learning opportunities for the children to explore their own identity and build on their self-esteem to form positive attitudes to enhance their development.


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