PE Statement

PE Statement

PE and Sport Premium Impact Review

Indicator 1: The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – kick starting healthy, active lifestyles
Key Actions taken Actual Outcomes Actual Cost Impact (school, staff, pupils) with evidence Sustainability/next steps
Staff awareness of event, information/reminders given in staff briefings and via email.  Staff given time slots. Walk/skip/dance/jump a mile completed for Sports Relief. £0 Enjoyment.  Raised money for a national charity.  Children felt part of a recognised community event. Run the event regularly next year.

Ensure photos are taken and kept for evidence.


Hall apparatus identified as being in need of repair.  Repaired on:



Useable equipment for gymnastics.


Due to Covid 19 restrictions the equipment has not been used as yet.


Claire Ovenall from Active Education to provide staff with training to use the apparatus confidently.


Indicator 2: The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement
Key Actions taken Actual Outcomes Actual Cost Impact (school, staff, pupils) with evidence Sustainability/next steps
Staff made aware of training. Claire worked with a member of staff, leading lessons to give the teacher ideas of how to structure the lesson, warm up activities, how to carry, position and use gym equipment safely. Our trainee teacher was included in some of these sessions. TBC Confidence raised, although the sessions have not been completed due to Covid 19 restrictions. A regular, structured approach to staff training.
Oraganisation of intra school competition – emails sent to class teachers, timings arranged. Tournament successfully run for Year 2 on 12th March by Claire Ovenall.  Children were competitive and results announced to each class.


No further competitions ran due to Covid 19.

TBC Enjoyment.  Teachers reported the level of competitiveness amongst the children. More opportunities for competitive activities.
Indicator 3: Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching Physical Education and sport
Key Actions taken Actual Outcomes Actual Cost Impact (school, staff, pupils) with evidence Sustainability/next steps
Teachers supported lessons every other week. Teachers taking part in lessons supporting, monitoring children.


Think Sport dance lesson observed by Active Education.

TBC Staff able to see for themselves the progress the children were making during the term.

Staff may gain new ideas for different sports but not to the high standard of a PE specialist teacher.

We will use Think Sport to provide Before School and After School specialist sports clubs.


Active Education to provide CPD to support teachers teaching PE.

LTFC coaching not taken place due to Covid 19     Continue to make links with LTFC to support the teaching of football skills.
Indicator 4: Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils
Key Actions taken Actual Outcomes Actual Cost Impact (school, staff, pupils) with evidence Sustainability/next steps
Wellbeing Champions club





Children identified that would benefit from a healthy lives group and be able to share what they’ve learnt with others.  Active Education ran the club at lunchtime, whole school assembly and a parent workshop organised and well attended. Part of Active Education offer Children enjoyed the sessions.  Parents seemed to ask relevant questions during the workshop.  Whole school very excited by the assembly! Continue to promote health with children and parents.
PE and Keeping Active

included in home learning packs

Each week new ideas sent home to the children to try out – Joe Wicks/Think Sport football training sessions/Get Set to Tokyo/BBC Supermovers/NHS Change for Life.

A virtual Sports Day has been organised for children learning at home and school using Get Set to Tokyo.

No cost Activities have been logged on the Get Set to Tokyo website, children have been organised into class teams, the class with the most activities logged will win Sports Day. Increase links with Icknield High School throughout the year.


Continue to provide links for children to keep active at home.

Bikes and Scooters are in the top shed.



Lunchtimes have been made shorter, more children on the playground during playtimes.

New equipment purchased for lunchtimes.






Less space for the children to ride the bikes and scooters. Continue to train new midday supervisors to deliver games and active lunchtimes.

Link with the Leader of Learning for the Outdoor Learning Environment.

Net and Wall games festival attended. Festivals for Autumn Term and Spring Term booked, but due to circumstances not all could be attended.  Covid 19 caused remaining events to be cancelled. TBC Children in Kingfisher class enjoyed the festival and were very competitive and enthusiastic. Continue to attend festivals.
Indicator 5:  Increased participation in competitive sport
Key Actions taken Actual Outcomes Actual Cost Impact (school, staff, pupils) with evidence Sustainability/next steps
Intra school competition






Net and Wall Festival




Covid 19 – Virtual Sports Day

Active Education ran an intra school Multi skills competition on 12 March 2020.  Children were very competitive and results announced to each class.

Kingfisher Class attended the Net and Wall festival and took part enthusiastically and appropriately.

All children in school have been given the details of the Get Set to Tokyo challenge where any active activities (walking, trampolining, bat and ball, dancing etc) can be logged and count towards their class team for ‘Sports Day’












No cost

Staff commented on how excited and competitive the children were.






Children enjoyed the different range of activities they tried.



Parents/Teachers/Children have been logging activities on the Get Set to Tokyo website (both at home and teachers at school)

More competitive opportunities for Year 1 and 2.





Continue to attend festivals, use Active Education staff to coach children to prepare them for some of the competitions.


Continue to support virtual competitiveness for as long as is necessary.


 Sports Premium Statement of Intent 1920

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